Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestants from 1952-2014

For the past decades miss universe organization showcased to the world that beauty is highly a competitive business, and to have a beautiful face is just a beginning. As of today the miss universe qualifications of beauty is that a candidate should have a half natural beauty and the half is made. Because winning miss universe crown is a ticket to the world and a door for million dollars endorsements! From 1952 to the recent 2014 edition of the pageant, we experts from pageantpedia have come out analyzing the top 10 most beautiful faces ever displayed to the miss universe stage and so without further a do here are the top 10 most beautiful miss universe contestant ever sent to miss universe!

Top 10- Melinda Bam-Miss South Africa 2012


To represent south africa with a white fair skin and a blonde bouncy hair is definitely a new ingredients of this country to owned a miss universe crown! This 2012 beauty landed to the top 10 and whatever reason why Melinda Bam didn’t make it to the top 5 miss universe should have a hundred of pages of papers containing an explanation!


Top 9- Mj Lastimosa-Miss Philippines 2014

Mj Lastimosa

 Having third attempt just to gain the rights to represent her country to miss universe is indeed a CHARM! What makes her beautiful and the most beautiful filipina to be in miss universe stage is her passion, dedication and love for this! Definitely her patience of waiting for 3 years (literally 4 years) should be the factor why MJ Lastimosa is the most popular, most loved and most prepared candidate in her batch! Some odds that cost her why we didn’t see her in top 5 is because of that miss universe needs Filipino fans (by winning then, the excitement of the pageant will no longer cost a million tweets! haha), second having Manny Pacquiao as one of the judges is indeed a No No to Mj for some scandals and rumors! But as what Filipino fans have said and blamed “It’s The Gown!”

Top 8 – Erin Brady – Miss USA 2013


Erin Brady is definitely the most beautiful face that the US flag have shown to miss universe! If only miss universe did not do everything just to stop her from back to back victory… We could see her wearing those expensive fire gown and sending Gabriela Isler as her runner up.


Top 7 – Thaliana Vargas – Miss Colombia 2008


Thaliana Vargas is a beauty with charm! No wonder she finished first runner up! If there is no Miss Venezuela that night, Thaliana could simply gave her country a second miss universe crown!



Top 6 – Oxana Federova – Miss Russia 2002


Another miss universe godess is from Russia! No one could contradict with that one because she simply outshine all those 2002 contestants! She may lost the crown due to some unclarified reasons but still people witnessed that she was crowned that night!



Top 5 – Irene Sofia Esser – Miss Venezuela 2012


After taking a break for two years by not making it to the top 5! Veneuzela refuses to faid and to show that they are still the pageant queens maker Osmel Souza made another Dayana Fernandez! Wearing those Christmass themed costumes and gowns and by widely opening her mouth she easily managed to be in the top 5! If she only answer her question in her native Spanish tounge, then Venezuela could have 8 Miss Universes today!



Top 4 – Melissa Gurgel – Miss Brazil 2014


She is definitely beyond perfection! Having her own Cheoreography on stage is indeed a smart and winning move! The judges could have some “because” why she wasn’t able to be with those powerhouses crying in the top 10 placement!



Top 3 – Carolinna Aguirre – Miss Ecuador 2012


After winning 2 of the big four pageants (miss earth and miss international 2011), Ecuador is definitely sending a total package beauty that could have a diamond nexus on her head way back from 2012! As base on her preliminary performance every angle is perfect and flawless! One thing for sure a SASH FACTOR matters! If she’s only wearing Venezuela or Philippines! Limelight is definitely on her eyes!



Top 2 – Bodine Koehler – Miss Puerto Rico 2012


Indeed 2012 is a full batch of godess! Another most beautiful face is from this powerhouse country! Bodine Koehler is a shocking non-inclusion! Definitely the pageant fans mourned when she went backstage crying with carolinna aguirre! We from pageantpedia did not know and could not find a reason why she did not make it from the first cut!




And the most beautiful Miss Universe Contestant is……………………






Marelisa Gibson Miss Venezuela 2010!


After winning a back to back miss universe crown Venezuela is aiming to set another Guiness record by having a three peat victory! And what is the most beautiful things to do than searching for the BEYOND PERFECTION GODESS from this nation? Indeed Osmel Souza found this woman who could have fill in the shoes of DAYANA FERNANDEZ and a strong contestant who is confident to embrace pressures and weights on her shoulder. Marelisa is ready to face her bashers in case she won’t be able to make a three-peat!

Venezuela's three godess wearing each color of their flag!
Venezuela’s three godesses  wearing each color of their flag!


There is only one thing for sure is the reason why this GODESS did not make it to the cut! Simple yet meaningful “MISS UNIVERSE IS AFRAID TO LOSE THEIR CREDIBILITY IF THEY WILL GIVE ANOTHER CROWN FOR ONE COUNTRY IN 3 YEARS IN A ROW! MISS UNIVERSE MIGHT HAVE ONLY ONE CONTESTANT  IN 2011 if they give the crown to marelisa!


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss Universe Contestants from 1952-2014

  1. Minorka Mercado Venezuela 1994
    Carolina Iszak Venezuela 1992
    Evelina Pappantoniou Greece 2001
    Madhu Sapre India 1992
    Gina Swainson Bermuda 1979
    Carolina Gomez Colombia 1994
    Lupita Jones Mexico 1991
    Oxana Fedorova Russia 2002
    Alicia Machado Venezuela 1996
    Thaliana Vargas Colombia 2008


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