The Pageant Ranking

Pageant bloggers and critics around the world had come to an analysis about the concept of what or who is the biggest pageant name of this planet. Some had come to raise a declaration of having the so called “Big Four Pageants”, a major and a minor pageant, a controversial “Big Five and Big Six Global beauties” and so on…

Pageant owners and trademarks will do everything just to put their pageant on top while pulling down other pageants. Because having a beauty pageant named on top simply means that you should celebrate for a limelight! We from pageantpedia ranked this pageants according to the productions, number of contestants annually, the coverage, popularity and promotions, brands and sponsors, excitement to the viewers, social media taglines, the age of the foundation and the main purpose why the said pageant was born and established.

We from Pageantpedia are proud to say that our ranking is with class, quality and originality. So without further a do, here our official pageants ranking:

The Gold Pageants: The First Class Pageants!

To win an Olympic with gold medal means you’re on top, and yes we say that pageants who belong to this category definitely meet our standards, qualifications and criteria. There are only 3 beauty pageants who should be named a gold pageants, the miss universe, miss world and miss earth.

Miss Universe is always honored to the pageant fans mouth, the production where it gives the excitement and heart stopping coronation night to the viewers around the world is definitely the caliber of this pageant to be on top. The number of 80 plus contestants annually should not be underestimated. The coverage of NBC (before), telemundo, venevission and other giant TV station in the world is definitely an advantage. Having 2 million and 600 thousand facebook likes and floods of tweets simply means that miss universe is the head reason why the society of pageantry is alive! Without miss universe beauty pageants is less interesting. To name a brand and sponsors, you can’t just refuse to the million dollar yamamay swimsuit, the chi hair care, Chinese laundry, diamond international corporation and so on. This 64 years old pageant was established on 1952 in long beach and build it’s credibility by having HIV and AIDS Awareness as their power.


Miss World on the other hand holds its power to have the highest number of contestants annually making other pageants difficult to match the 120 plus candidates every year. Gaining more than 2 million facebook likes and social media force proved that miss world is on right track. Don’t forget that the home country is a royal place to consider, plus the “Beauty with a purpose” banner about charity and giving.

w1 w2 w3

Miss Earth‘s biggest arm is indeed the advocacy! Saving mother earth and environmental concern and protection just show  that carousel production is intelligent enough to build this pageant with original format, concept and Eco-tourism projects. To be the only pageant recognized by United Nations will simply outshine other pageants who will try to replace miss earth in first class pageants. To name their candidates as an eco-warrior and to crown four elemental queens as earth, air, water and fire is purely not a copy paste and that it will make other pageants a run (or use) for their money just to duplicate miss earth’s achievements!

ea e2 e3

The Silver Pageants: Second Class Pageants!

Second class pageants meet our qualifications but unfortunately not strong enough because they don’t have this edge of their domination or subject of caliber to be consider as gold pageants. As you will notice the silver pageants are NAL pageants as it was miss internatioNAL, miss supranatioNAL and miss intercontineNtAL.

Miss International can be consider as first class pageant because it was build on 1960 unfortunately miss universe and miss world are older than her. To have a red pearl oriented Japanese crown is not enough to match the blue crown of Julia Morley and diamond nexus of miss universe. Another disadvantage of miss international is that they don’t have a crystal clear advocacy just like miss earth. Plus the pageant format of the pageant is the same of miss world making it more ordinary.

i1 i2i3

Miss Supranational is a fast rising pageant today, however it has no clear format and don’t have a final question and answer portion which is the most nerve breaking, most applauded and awaited segment of every pageant, and miss supranational no question and answer is a point of curiosity either it is a pageant of a modeling competition. Having miss supranational duplicate (or imitation) in India also lessen the credibility of the pageant.

s1 s2s3

Miss Intercontinental is also a pageant living for the past decades, but unlike the first class pageants miss intercontinental candidates are just appointed and has no national finals. The winner of this pageant does not gain more attention and popularity. The worst part is when they obviously cheat for the placement of miss Thailand in 2014 edition and by crowning the Thailand with no justice lessen the number of fans and respect from pageant community.

1 2

Bronze Pageants: The Honorable Mentions

Bronze pageants has a lot of things to work before they can duplicate silver and gold pageants. Some things is their brand (international is disrespect to miss international), clear advocacy and credibility. Some pageants are:

Miss Grand International

g2 g1 g3

Miss Tourism International

t3 t1 t2

Miss Globe

aaa aaaa

Miss United Continents

11 111

And many more! How’s our ranking? Was it fair and square? comment folks!


8 thoughts on “The Pageant Ranking

  1. I think Miss Grand International has improved a lot! Miss International should be ranked at 3rd place. I agree 100% with your ranking congratulations. Another great pageant is Miss United Continents, it’s a new contest but it is well organized.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with the rankings in the gold categories but I would also add Miss Supertalent and Miss Supermodel into the Bronze or honorable mention. Also Tourism Queen of the Year is another pageant that should be considered. It would be great if these pageants raised their age requirements to 28 or 29. A lot of excellent contestants are not able to compete because of their ages and many are beautiful and talented.


  3. This is an intelegently written article I am satisfied of your unbias and netral stance. Please write more reviews and fresh updates of the pageant world.


    1. Hi,

      Just wanted to say thank you for the positive feedback with our blog. It makes us more aggressive and eager to write more about pageant thing. We are just being busy the past months and in fact only the admin from the Philippines is working on the site, others are just on FB page. We appreciate your every single click! It inspire’s us to write more! 😛

      Confidently beautiful with a heart,

      The Pageantpedia Family.


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