Analyzing Pia Wurtzbach’s Repetitive Answer!

Pia Wurtzbach is about to wear the country’s sash for miss universe come the 20th of December. Determining Pia’s chances is an easy job if the bases is her compatriot and predecessors. But not to mind that topic, a part of miss universe’s pageant format is the question and answer portion that would either make or break a contestant! Pia should master this part (if she would be lucky to be one of those 5 finalists, since her chances as of the present is for a top 15 finish). Based in her previous question and answer portion in Bb. Pilipinas she doesn’t show enough confidence, spices, sparks and charisma when answering a binibini question! It even happened one time where she answered her question in her native tongue that cost her not to clinch a crown! Pia Wurtzbach’s fans might be sad for this but in positive ways I think Pia should improve this part! Below is the recap of her answer to the question “What is your thought about internet Censorship?”. Pia’s answer in upper case is some of repeated  words coming from her mouth! Thanks God the “Think before you click” Saves her, but if you’re going to remove that line, her answer tasteless! Sorry Fans!

“I think that we should BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT WE POST online ESPECIALLY our thoughts and our opinions that we don’t hurt anybody. ESPECIALLY selfies, we have to BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT WE POST ESPECIALLY with our bodies and our faces so always think before you click.”

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2 thoughts on “Analyzing Pia Wurtzbach’s Repetitive Answer!

  1. nonsense comment!
    she answer the question in native tongue because judge insist a question in native tongue too
    i dont even know what is intuition before,till she explaind it!
    what i felt for this post is bitterness and fountain headed!


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