Haters Should Stop Bashing Mj Lastimosa!

After landing a top 10 finish in Miss Universe 2014, bashers and haters around social media are blaming MJ for not making it to the top 5 and by breaking the runner up finish of her predecessors. Mj quickly and wholeheartedly accept her defeat with all the smiles knowing that she did her greatest part just to win that crown being enjoyed by Paulina Vega (the winner).

Bashers are everywhere! But a strong woman like Mj she will just embrace those negative feed backs and try to think that if you have a bashers it means that you are running above their heads! This thread is not intended to reminisce MJ’s failure but on how she tried to uplift her country after how many decades of being a crown less nation.

Some bashers are saying that Mj is indeed Shamcey’s best friend ( a man’s best friend ) pointing that Shamcey is a man and Mj is a dog! A Big horse teeth! Some are underestimating her top 10 finish! “ang pangit naman ni top 10”. Some are saying that she is totally a downgrade from Ariela Arida and that Pia Wurtzbach (their future candidate) is far better than her and so on…

While these bashes should affect and downgrade Mj instead she is  trying her luck in local showbiz. Her favorite quotation “Winning the heart of the people is worth better than any crown” should touch those bashers and haters heart to stop blaming here! To tell that I think no ever Filipina can duplicate her achievements and performance. To name a few: Her perseverance, dedication and passion is for her nation!

Dear Mj’s bashers: Had you (or your favorite contestant) been featured to miss universe website and facebook page even before that you are still a contestant? Have you answered all those thousands questions coming from miss universe facebook fans and media. Are you (or your favorite contestant) one of those three lucky ladies to use miss universe facebook while you are in the middle of competition? Had you (or your favorite contestant) break a record to be the most favorite and most popular miss universe contestants to date? Have you (or your favorite contestant) landed to the top 15 without the help of your fans? Had you (or your favorite contestant) tried to join a national pageant three times just to gain your rights in representing your country? Can you handle those weight in your shoulder if your predecessors are always runner up in consecutive years? Can you (or your favorite contestant) can stand to represent the country if the pressures in your shoes is to follow the victory of your country from different pageantry (miss world, earth, international, supranational and so on)? And lastly Do you have a beautiful face? million dollar smile? Curvaceous body like a Sexiest Vegetarian? to stand in miss universe stage? probably not all those qualifications!

Set in your mind that maybe the next time around your favorite contestant won’t even even make it to the top 15! Mark my words! Last thing I can say, no ever Filipina wished to fail for her country! So please stop bashing MJ Lastimosa!

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