Possible Winners of 2015 Beauty Pageants!

While our top bets for Miss International 2015 is Edymar Martinez of Venezuela enjoying her victory, we are definitely proud to say that we are indeed correct to pick her as our winner before the coronation night. After the final deliberation of our experts and other analysts we agree that Venezuela should be the winner and our judgement is indeed with meaning! Congrats for that Edymar! Screen shot will justify below!




This thread is intended to recognize those possible sashes, names and faces that has a higher chance of winning titles of the remaining pageants. Mostly the coronation night of this pageants is December. So without further a do! Here are our hotpicks for 2015 remaining pageants:


Miss Universe 2015 is Miss Peru – Laura Spoya





Miss World 2015 is Miss Ukraine – Khrystyna Stoloka







Miss Earth 2015 is Miss Colombia – Estefania Muñoz

Miss Colombia already bagged an award upon arrival to China. By winning silver medal for best in gown, I think she is one step closer to the crown! We will see.colombia





Miss Supranational 2015 is Miss Estonia – Madli Vilsar

Miss Estonia is already a pageant veteran. In fact, she is one of the official candidates in 2011 miss universe pageant. And now she is in miss supranational limelight! She already grab an award! Miss Moto Show! Is it a sign that this prediction is right? Wait for the coronation night!






Miss Intercontinental 2015 is Miss Scotland – Rachel Altenburg




That is just a prediction! We already shoot one! What do you think readers? Comment your favorites!





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