When Red Refuses To Fade!

The Miss universe pageant evening gown competition is an exclusive parade of gowns designed to wow the judges at that segment of competition. Wearing fabulous and eye catcher gown should be celebrated for you have these 50 percent assurance that you will outshine other remaining finalist and that you will ensure a top 5 placement. Whether you are searching for an evening gown or a talent dress, the safest color of gowns is red for it showcased fighting armor on stage as a girl on fire with all the right details to steal the show. From hand sewn beads and crystals, to flowing skirts and flattering necklines, a pageant gown can help you claim the crown. Pageant analyst from Pageantpedia made an analysis about the previous evening gown worn by a miss universe contestant to miss universe stage and will see and learned about their placement!
Miss Jamaica 2014 is wearing this drop dead red gown! She is so immaculate and that what makes her gain a fourth runner up finish!
Miss USA 2014 finished first runner up with the help of this crystal mermaid cut red gown!2
Miss Venezuela 2014 landed to the top 10 with this red red enjoyable creation that fits to her body! With that pose, uhgg… she definitely rock it!
Miss USA 2013 is perfect and looked beautiful in a sequined red strapless dress with a plunging neckline. Although she looks stunning in the photo, we didn’t like the way the dress moved at the top when she walked. You could see that the top half of the dress was rock-hard and fashion-taped (or butt glued) on to her dress. With that being the only downside, Miss USA is 5 on our list but don’t know what happened!
This dress may be appropriate for a red carpet event, but several things make it a perfect pageant gown. The front of the dress was so short that it didn’t touch the floor and we could see her giant platform shoes the whole time that makes her stand out in the contest. The sequining was beautiful and the purple stripes on the dress are again, a bit form and shape of art. She finished top 10 that year!c
Miss Mexico 2012 competes in an evening gown of her choice and finished as one of the top ten contestants! She is stunning!d
Miss USA 2012 was crowned with this princess feature gown that makes her regal and sophisticated!
Miss China 2011 finished fourth runner up with these lucky red color as per her country’s tradition and beliefs!
Miss Mexico 2010 enjoyed her victory after wearing these flying red color on stage! She is very comfortable with the gown and she gave a bloody fight to other ladies!
Miss Venezuela 2009 gave her country a 6th miss universe crown and by making the unchangeable history as the first woman to make a back to back victory in miss universe! Supposedly she was set to wear blue gown but Osmel Souza their mentor is intelligent enough to give her this stunning color of choice!
So, the gowns above had spoken! If you will be asked by your favorite contestant of what color of gown should she pick? Do not hesitate! Do not think twice! Say Red! The safest pageant color! Since Red Refuses To Fade!

One thought on “When Red Refuses To Fade!

  1. Red has been the winning color for my daughter in pageant competitions. She has won or placed in 5 pageants wearing red. The color really pops on stage and she looks amazing in the color. It wasn’t until she switched to red that her chances increased. Her next pageant will see her wearing something in the red family.


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