Angelia Ong’s Victory Could Affect Pia Wurtzbach’s Placement!

Miss Universe and Miss Earth is really in a highly form of competitive business in terms of pageantry! Miss Universe is somewhat the appetizer of the pageant fans in some pageant sites while Miss Earth is lucky enough to originate in a pageant fanatic nation in the world! While a back to back victory of the Philippines at the moment was enjoyed by Filipino fans as well as Angelia to be specific, we can’t afford to be curios of would it be? How could it be? And will it affect the placement of our dear Pia Wurtzcbach who is currently competing in Vegas for Miss Universe 2015!


To take a note that 2009 the giant headline of pageantry was born and it is by personification of two Venezuelan Goddess Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernandez who made a history as the first and only country to win a back to back!





In the same year pageant critics thought that the Miss earth organization supposedly gave a well-deserved back to back victory for the Philippines but they are afraid that they will be bashed by having same placement or result to only one country for two consecutive years! By this Miss Universe 2009 result affects the Miss Earth 2009 judgement that causes the carousel production to put Philippines as an elemental court that year!





In 2012 Miss Universe gave it’s crown and title to the host country USA that created a social media floods of controversies for having Olivia as victorious with her so called worst answer and taking a home court advantage! In same year Miss Earth Philippines gave the best answer to the said pageant but was only sent as first runner up for the Miss Earth Organization avoided this so called home court advantage and instead gave the crown to miss Czech Republic even if the latter did not understand and did not clearly answer the question!





In 2013, Venezuela enjoyed it’s Miss Universe and pushing Miss Earth to give title to this powerhouse country since the other powerhouse (The Philippines) already enjoyed miss world and miss supranational making these two pageant similar. The 2013 result made the pageant critics think that in some cases the results of this two pageant varies of who would be the first one to crowned it’s winner!



This 2014 Miss Earth already gave the crown to the Philippines, it created fear to the Filipino fans that because of this victory miss universe will now find a hard time to decide if they will give their crown to Pia (The Philippines) as what miss earth did or that will it affect their decision to give one more crown to Venezuela, as a banner of competition that miss earth crowned these beauty from a pageant fanatic country and that miss universe will crown Venezuela a banner of powerhouse country! But again in the end, it’s the judges decision that matters! You think readers? Will Angelia’s victory affect Pia’s placement? I hope not!





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