Calling Pia Wurtzbach’s Fans!

Miss Universe season is fast approaching. People are sizzling and excited and just can’t wait for what would be in store for the rest of the competition! Bookings and reservations are already made in Vegas for the most beautiful night in the universe come December 20! Along with the changes of Miss universe ownership is some unexpected twist of the contest!


Our Vegas correspondent sent us some details about the twist of the pageant from a reliable source closer to the organization  for what would be the new segment that miss universe fans should watch out for! First is having a talent competition! Second 15 finalists will be selected in the first cut, this 15 finalists will vote or select one deserving lady who will join their circle to make it top 16! I’m sure intelligent finalist will choose a lady who is not a hindrance right? They might pick miss Guyana, Kenya or Tanzania right?d.jpg

Third, 16 semi-finalist will down to 10 for a swimsuit round! This 10 finalist will become 11 for a surprise twist but our correspondent is still searching and gathering details, we will not yet indicate unconfirmed reports. Third is that, this 11 will finally become 5 the usual thing happening in miss universe for the past decades! Then a fan voting will happen in twitter! Using hashtags for each remaining country. The winner will automatically join the circle of top 5 making it a top 6 just like the tradition in 90’s. In case Pia  Wurtzbach won’t make it at least a power vote from this pageant fanatic nation would save her and secure a top 6 placement!b.jpg

Pia’s fans should not stop voting for we have Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam who is also a voting capital of the world! So at this point, as early as now we are calling and asking for the huge support of all the lovers of MJ LASTIMOSA (the most loved and most supported Filipina), fans of Janicel Lubina and of course our dear Pia’s Fans!c.jpg





6 thoughts on “Calling Pia Wurtzbach’s Fans!

  1. Using Guyana, Kenya, and Tanzania being picked for the 16th spot because you think they are not threats is BS. It might cause a backlash against Pia if in case someone from those 3 African countries will get to read this.


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