Blue Gown: New trend for Miss Universe?

The Miss universe pageant evening gown competition is an exclusive parade of gowns designed to wow the judges at that segment of competition. Wearing fabulous and eye catcher gown should be celebrated for you have these 50 percent assurance that you will outshine other remaining finalist and that you will ensure a top 5 placement.

Whether you are searching for an evening gown or a talent dress, the safest color of gowns is blue for it showcased fighting armor on stage as a girl on sky with all the right details to steal the show. From hand sewn beads and crystals, to flowing skirts and flattering necklines, a pageant gown can help you claim the crown.

Blue gown fit for blue crown! In connection to Pia Wurtzbach’s victory with the use of these blue gown, pageant analyst from Pageantpedia made an analysis about the previous blue evening gown worn by a miss universe contestant to miss universe stage and will see and learned about their placement!

In the past decades royal blue or everything that is under the shades of blue already came victorious in miss universe!




2010- Marelisa Gibson (Miss Venezuela) went unplaced after wearing these aqua inspired gown with beading in the upper part.



2014- Tegan Martin (Miss Australia) was left in the top 10 even she is wearing this expensive aqua gown.



2015- Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Philippines) proved that blue is indeed one of the winning gowns in miss universe, alongside with the attitude and grace on stage.5.jpg


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