Osmel Sousa Comments On Miss Universe Controversy: Philippines is undeserving!





The President of the Miss Venezuela Organization, Osmel Sousa, expressed his opinion about the scandalous situation that took place on Sunday night during the Miss Universe pageant, where the event’s host, Steve Harvey,crowned the wrong finalist.

“I was in shock because I don’t think it’s justified that in such an important moment, like it was the end of the pageant, this mistake was made. If it had happened, I don’t know, during the announcement of the 10 or 15 finalists, then yeah, maybe a mistake like this could be justified,” Sousa told El Heraldo Colombia.

The Beauty Guru, who is considered to be the driving force behind the large number of Miss Venezuelas who have made it to the Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss Earth pageants, added that if he was in charge of the Miss Universe Organization, he wouldn’t have fixed the faux pas and let Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez, happily walk away with the crown.

“She [Miss Colombia] should take advantage of the situation and rise to fame. Because I told Raymundo, ‘Raymundo don’t worry, this girl is going to be more important and more famous than Miss Universe,” he concluded.

Osmel Sousa also said that Pia Wurtzbach is undeserving and Gloria Diaz was actually 4th runner up not Miss Universe way back in 1969!


5 thoughts on “Osmel Sousa Comments On Miss Universe Controversy: Philippines is undeserving!

  1. why can’t you just be happy with the result. Your opinions are respected however the winner was already proclaimed so no matter what you say, it won’t have any bearing at all moving forward.


  2. Philippines is undeserving??? Really?? Okay, let me first throwback your major back to back moment during Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Universe 2009. I do believe that Dayana Mendoza really deserve to be in top 5 but not the winner. Her answer is understandable, trying hard to speak and way in fact no context at all. Miss Colombia was robbed that time. Miss Universe 2009 is the worst edition of Miss Universe ever!!! You know why? Because the winner have no qualifications to become Miss Universe. Stefania is so fat and her walk is horrible. And her answer in Q and A is also the worst answer Ive ever heard. Miss Dominican Republic was also robbed during that time. I dont want to say this but I have no choice since you started the war against us. Its not back to back winning but indeed a BACK TO BACK SEX WITH DONALD TRUMPH!!!! ITS SO OBVIOUS THAT DAYANA AND STEFANIA IS NOT THE WINNER DURING THAT TIME, BUT WHAT CAN WE DO, DONALD TRUMPH LOVES DAYANA AND STEFANIA VAGINAS, HAHAHA. TRUTH REALLY HURTS. VENEZUELAN WOMEN ARE CHEAPEST WOMEN EVER AND MOST HYPOCRITE EVER!!


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