Mj Lastimosa: The most loved binibini!

All I know about Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa is her two failed attempts for a Binibining Pilipinas crown and a curse who break the top 5 consecutive placement of the Philippines in Miss universe. What we don’t know is that behind her wide convincing smile is a giant courage and perseverance to give an honor to her country up to her last breath.

Mj who turned to be the brightest star in the universe is indeed a woman of charm, charisma and power. It is easy for her to reach as a semi-finalist in every single pageant (other contestant can’t even reach the top 15), that reason alone would justify that MJ indeed has a fire to burn when she is on stage. She just need someone who will light the torch and so everything will work as it should be. . .

2011, when this Davao eagle flew the first time to Bb. Pilipinas pageant and placed a second runner up to her later best-friend Shamcey Supsup. If you believe luck and destiny, then that Mj’s crown on the photo below is indeed a sign that there are big things that is in store for her in pageant world.



2012, Mj tried again in joining Bb. Pilipinas for the second time. A lot more fiercer, bolder and most prepared contestant which was considered to be the ACES AND QUEENS banner bearer. Winning 2 special awards, Miss Philippine Airlines and Miss Avon also gave her fans a false sense of security. I thought that that was a sure sign of bigger things to come for MJ Lastimosa but she left the stage crown-less.




Late 2013, with high hopes, anticipation and cause of a huge campaign made in social media by her loyal fans (Mj all the way), Mj decided to give a last shot for Bb. Pilipinas. A risk taker was given 2 options, a crown or nothing. All of a fortunate scenarios, when destiny is calling to be on her side, BPCI decided to adjust an age limit quite enough for her to be qualified for Miss universe eligibility. Mj asked aces and queens to open a door for her for a last minute training (just for polish, since she is a pageant ready ever since) but rumored to be rejected by the said camp. The reason why pageant fans are receiving answers “She is busy with her business” from the camp when they ask about Mj’s plan that year.

A humble friend referred Mj to knock in Kagandahang Flores, as being said being in one of the two camps is a good force that she  can indeed clinch the crown anytime soon. With just a short preparation, Mj managed to snatched the best in swimsuit award.


Come coronation night, I’ve never had hopes for her winning a title, at least a runner up finish would satisfy. Who would not-if you consider the trend and so-called SMA prototype? Despite, something just hit me. How brave this woman can be to keep on trying when all odds are against her! She must be one-of-a-kind. Then borne out out my sentiments in her. Come coronation night, then only one title left – the Miss universe Philippines. The camera caught MJ on the verge of shedding a tear. MJ’s almost losing hope and so the same with her fans, was freezing and cracking. The heavily favored Pia Wurzbach was still there, probably anticipating for her name to be called. That same moment, KF candidate Kris Tiffany Janson is also seen staring at MJ holding back her tears. Kris feels the pain and hopelessness.



And then come a perfect time for her, 34 her 2011 number and 09 her 2012 Bb. number is indeed a perfect answer for 25! Thus, 34-9=25 correct me if I’m wrong! 25555555555555555555555555555! As per Anne Curtis! With unanimous reactions, better sweet I should say, The most memorable coronation night in Bb. Pilipinas history! Mj with tears of joy crying when her name was called.



The crowd goes wild and the first runner up, Hanna Sison pumps up first! Miss Tourism Parul Shah, also gave a wide reaction while watching Hanna Sison (as if she won).


Former beauty queens, cheer wildly including Miss International 2005 Lara Quigaman!



Miss International Bea Santiago and Miss Supranational Mutya Datul.1.png

3 of Mj’s camp sisters just can’t stop the celebration!



Best friend Shamcey Supsup, cannot contain her tears of joy!1.png



You just have to look at the people who are supporting her and you’ll know she’s truly a nice person. :)The world’s greatest achievers have been those who have always stayed focused on their goals and have been consistent in their efforts. Never give up on your dreams, because you never know what the Lord can bless you with. She may failed in giving the countries third miss universe crown, but she open the doors for Filipino designers! She will always the brightest star in the universe to her fans, she will always be the most loved Binibini!



































4 thoughts on “Mj Lastimosa: The most loved binibini!

  1. I have always been her fans ever since she pull off the pageant spotlight!
    I love the article written above about her journey and about her as a woman with true substance, humility and power. I and MJ have a common thing to share — we belong to the largest group of islands in the Philippines, Mindanao. She’s a native of North Cotabato and I hail from Basilan. Thank you MJ for the inspiration and hopes!


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