Sandwich Victory In Miss Universe


Back to back pageant victory is rare to happen. However, if a back to back is impossible to achieve then better as well to try a sandwich victory where you can win the first year, rest awhile for the second year and then bounce back at the third. Pageant aficionados observe that this kind of scenario is common in miss universe, in fact it happened thrice. Let’s take a look at Miss Universe sandwich victory through the years.


Miss universe 1954 is from USA Miriam Stevenson, 1955 is Miss Sweden Hillevi Rombin and the following year 1956 is  Carol Morris from USA. See that window victory. . .

1979 when the powerhouse Venezuela won their first miss universe by Maritza Sayalero, 1980 courtesy of Shwan Weatherly, USA won again. 1981 for just 1 year grap, Venezuela enjoy it’s second Miss universe crown worn by Irene Saez.




1995 when the obvious USA set again a record for sandwich wins via Chelsi Smith, the unstoppable Venezuela with Alichia Machado grab another Miss universe crown for this Latin country and top for another year in 1997, completes the second Miss universe of USA with Brooke Lee. . .

So as of today, USA and Venezuela had many records in Miss universe. USA is the number one country with most numbers of Miss universes, winning 8 titles and 6 of them was held in the US. Venezuela on the other hand set a humble record as the first and only country to date to win the Miss universe crown for a consecutive year in 2008 and 2009, the only country to win 3 crowns in a short period of time (6 years).


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