Twin Pageant Victory. . . .

Pageant analysts from The PAGEANTPEDIA came to build this interesting article about one country who is winning multiple pageant in same year. It is a huge achievement if one country have won either 2 or more crowns from many different pageants in the world. Winning multiple pageant title in a year for one country is indeed showing that your country is full of luck, grace and prosperous talents, above all a lot beautiful woman to offer.

Pageant analysts had come to look back the history so without further a do, get to know which country on the list had won pageants at least twice in a single year, just call them a double celebration or a pageant twin victory.



1953 is the first year to have a pageant twin victory when the prosperous FRANCE conquered both Miss World and Miss Universe on the same year. Christianne Martel was crowned Miss Universe 1953 while Denise Perrier won Miss World.



1968, another twin pageant victory was born. Both Brazilian decent won Miss Universe and Miss International on the same year. Martha Vasconcellos was crowned Miss universe 1968 and Maria Gloria Carvalho is Miss International 1968.




1972 two AUSTRALIAN women harvest the international pageant crowns. Kerry Anne Wells is Miss universe 1972 while Belinda Green is Miss World 1972.


1973 is the year that AMERICANS is in pageant glory. 2 Miss USA have won 2 pageants in the world.  Marjorie Wallace is Miss world 1973 while Barbara Jean Sergi is the first Miss Intercontinental in 1973.



1981 the rise of the undisputed VENEZUELA. They won both miss universe and miss world that year. Irene Saez is miss universe 1981 while Pilin Lion is Miss world 1981.



1982 USA had won again twice. They owned both Miss international and Miss intercontinental. Joy Jodee Dominici is Miss intercontinental while Christie Ellen Claridge is Miss international both in 1982.




1994 is indeed the INDIAN glory. Both owned the universe and world stage when both Sushmita Sen and Aishawarya Rai won miss universe and miss world respectively.





1995 another record for USA. Chelsi Smith is miss universe 1995 while Melissa Cortez is miss intercontinental on the same year.



1997 India enjoy the crown of Miss World by Diana Hayden when they also won miss intercontinental 1997 by Lara Dutta who later on became Miss universe 2000.



2000 is the new era for a new millennium and a new record by then powerful India. They won both miss world and miss universe on the same year. Miss world 2000 is Priyanka Chopra while Lara Dutta is miss universe 2000.1.PNG



2004 made the COLOMBIAN history as both of them won miss intercontinental and miss international. Jeymmy Vargas is miss international while Deissy Catalina Valencia is Miss intercontinental 2004.



2005 the powerhouse VENEZUELA set again a new record. Too easy for them I guess. Miss Intercontinental 2005 is Emmarys Pinto while Miss Earth 2005 is Alexandra Braun.




2009 the exotic VENEZUELA again. Stefania Fernandez score the country’s back to back in Miss universe 2009 while Hanelly Ladezma is miss intercontinental 2009.



2011 when the pageant glory visited the center of the World, Ecuador. They won both miss earth 2011 Olga Alava and miss international 2011 Fernanda Cornejo.




2013 when the use to it VENEZUELA owned both Miss Earth by Alyz Henrich and miss universe by Gabriela Isler.



On the same year, it’s rival PHILIPPINES won both Miss World Megan Young, Miss international Bea Rose Santiago and Miss Supranational Mutya Datul, making the only country to date to make the said rare record.1.PNG



2015 the Philippines score their third Miss universe crown by Pia Wurtzcbach and a back to back to Miss Earth by Angelia Ong.1.jpg




As a summary, Venezuela (as always) got the most numbers of twin victory for 4 times, followed by USA and the incredible India with 3. The honorable Philippines got 2 records but what makes them the undisputed is that they happened to set an unusual record, winning 3 crowns in a year is hard to duplicate. The rest like France, Brazil, Australia, Colombia and Ecuador just set the record once. So? What country do you think is the next?


4 thoughts on “Twin Pageant Victory. . . .

  1. yess also agree, INDIA also set the record in 2000 in any pageant there had been which means there are many beautiful talents and intelligent ladies in that country.


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