Wasted Beauties (If only she was there . . . .)


Year by year, we are rooting for our countries top favorite and pageant threats but we are feeling down and disappointed when our bets didn’t make it. Every year there should be a stand out miss universe contestant that is definitely the apple of the eye of every pageant fan but she was left behind backstage, crying and mourning  while wearing the sash of being a certified clapper. Following names are very familiar to our Miss universe fans, they are expected to wear the crown or at least to gain a runner up finish but come the pageant night, even in the top 15 she is not included. So without further a do, here is the countdown of Miss Universe wasted beauties starting with number 10:

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If only she was there, then we might seeing different faces of Miss universes today! Their fate has been judged, their destiny was folded, but they will always remain in the memories of their loyal fans! Million of words should explain why they didn’t make it 😦 But one thing for sure, an intelligent pageant fan once asked Mj Lastimosa why she didn’t make it to the final, Mj answered “Simply because the judges didn’t pick me.” Sad but true, and the rest is history! . . . 😉


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