Shocking Non-Inclusion In Miss Universe

Year by year, we are rooting for our countries favorite and pageant threats but we are feeling down and disappointed when our bets didn’t make it. Every year there is a stand out miss universe contestant that is definitely the apple of the eye of every pageant fan but she was left behind backstage, crying and mourning  while wearing the sash of being a certified clapper. The following are names of clappers annually who was the considered to be the (one of the) most shocking non-inclusion in Miss universe. The miss universe organization should justify it a million times:


Miss universe 2015 most shocking clapper is Miss Vietnam Huong Pham.





Miss universe 2014 most shocking clapper is Miss Ecuador Alejandra Argudo.

7 – Miss Ecuador 2014 is expected to place in Miami, when Conztanzia Baez placed as runner up the previous year. Unfortunately, she is one of those shocking non inclusion.


Miss universe 2013 most shocking clapper is Miss Canada, Riza Santos.

10 – Miss Canada 2013 clapped too hard, she was expected to place at least a top 15 finish.


Miss universe 2012 most shocking clapper is Puerto Rico, Bodine Koehler.

2 – Miss Puerto Rico 2012 is definitely the most beautiful contestant ever paraded from this country and the shocking non inclusion was just horrible!



Miss universe 2011 most shocking clapper is Argentina, Natalie Rodriguez.1.jpg



Miss universe 2010 most shocking clapper is Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson.

1 – Miss Venezuela 2010. Marelisa Gibson avoided all media that are waiting for an interview with her. We all know the cause why she didn’t make it. Do I need to say why?


Miss universe 2009 most shocking clapper is Mexico, Karla Carrillo.1.jpg



Miss universe 2008 most shocking clapper is France, Laura Tanguy.1


Miss universe 2007 most shocking clapper is Poland, Dorota Gawron1.jpg



Do we missed some names? State your sentiments here. How about 2006 backward? Can you name them all? 🙂


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