When Philippines Met Venezuela.

It was then 2010 when the powerful Venezuela was aiming to set another Guinness record by winning another miss universe crown for the third time in consecutive years. Osmel Souza, the God-father of Miss Venezuela, the person behind the winning streak of this Latin american nation is well aware of what are if not is the ingredients to become miss universe. Indeed he picked the most prepared, well polished, strong like her sash and a woman who can fill in the little achievements of Miss universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza and miss universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez.

Miss Venezuela 2008, 2009 and 2010 wearing an evening gown with colors in accordance to their national flag.

Fresh looking Marelisa Gibson was sent to Miss universe 2010 in Vegas. Indeed she never fails to impress her co-nationals as she is one of limelight cheater since at the very beginning she arrives in Vegas. Despite having a huge weight on her shoulders and a nerve kicking pressures, Marelisa managed to compose herself by making sure that all eyes are in here.

Marelisa Gibson, Miss Venezuela 2009 felt short to cover the spot in the top 15.

Come coronation night all eyes we’re in Vegas and to the center stage; starring to miss Venezuela if you want me to specify. And then come the announcement of top 15, a lot of surprises and unexpected sashes are in. Miss Venezuela at the center stage with all wide smile and noticing figure is still waiting to be called same with other contestants. her countrymen and even other pageant experts.


Save the best for last is expected to be given to miss Venezuela and so when the line goes like this “and the final spot in the top 15 goes to. . . are you ready?” . . . .People hold their breathe and the whole universe just stop, probably expecting the sash to be called. “The Philippines!” Shouted by the host, with true reaction and a better sweet placement I should say, this Asian black barbie doll is in. Maria Venus Raj at the rightest part of the stage covering her face as if she already won. Marelisa Gibson on the other hand is still their clueless and didn’t know what to do packed her bag crying along with those clappers. She was even reported to hide from media and interviews. The viewers may not have seen anything during the telecast on how Marelisa was displeased but it was said that she even hid in elevators and exits by every hallway just to avoid Venezuelan media trying to catch her for interview after her exclusion. She was just seen hours after the show with eyes still puffy from remorse. The time Marelisa returned to Venezuela, it was said that she always gave sweltering statements every time she was asked about it on radio interviews.1.jpg


In 2011, miss Venezuela met again with miss Philippines in Brazil for miss universe. Vanessa Goncalvez was left behind the top 15 while Shamcey Supsup grabbed a third runner up finish.1.png


2012 when Venezuela won second runner up by Irene Esser and I think by speaking English cost her a lot. Janine Tugonon from Philippines was named first runner up and it’s actually the Jolly Irene Esser who offers a shake hand first by a little friendly competition action or trained by Osmel you think?1.png


2013 Venezuela won miss universe courtesy of Gabriela Isler and Ariela Arida from Philippines landed third runner up despite of wearing a horrible evening gown.1.png

Miss Venezuela as Miss universe 2013 did even visit to the Philippines and she met the country’s international titleholders such as miss international and miss supranational 2013.1.jpg


2014 when both miss Venezuela and Philippines was left in top 10. None of them make it top the top 5, as because of her weight for miss Venezuela and gown for miss Philippines. Rumors has it all.


In 2015 when Venezuela remain as a top 10 finalist by Mariana Jimenez  and Pia Wurtbach was name third miss universe from her country.

These  two powerhouses heats up in miss world since 2011. Venezuela took it’s 6th miss world by Ivian Sarcos while Gwen Ruis from Philippines is her first princess.2.jpg


In miss earth, both Venezuela and Philippines along with Brazil always place as a semi-finalist or elemental court, but the most amazing moment is when miss Venezuela Alyz Henrich as miss earth 2013 crowned miss Philippines Jamie Herell as miss earth 2014.2.jpg


In miss international, Venezuela won 7 crowns including the most recent Edymar Martinez while while Philippines is in the second place with 5 crowns.



So now you’ve already realized how close the fight between these two countries. Venezuela will never be erased  in pageant history. The only powerhouse country to date in terms of most numbers of international beauty queens (Philippines is not yet).  Winning 7 miss universe, 7 miss international, 6 miss world, 4 miss intercontinental, 2 miss earth and counting, it will take a decade or two for the Philippines to duplicate it. Venezuela is the only country in the world to set a back to back won in miss universe. Like India, they also have won the two of the biggest pageant in the planet, the miss world and universe on the same year.

On the other hand, these emerging powerhouse country to come should be the consider as the Venezuela of Asia. Philippines is lucky enough t have the craziest pageant fan in the world, as the most pageant fanatic nation in the world only proves when they won miss photogenic in miss universe 2006, 2007 and 2008 by an online voting. They also managed to maintain a top 5 finish when Ariela Arida never placed in the judges top 15 but was saved by the fan votes. Philippines is the only Island country to date to win different titles in a single year. That’s on 2013 and 2015 and won back to back in miss earth.


This year a neck to neck battle is sure to belt. Just watch and see . . .



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