Imelda Schweighart: Another Marelisa Gibson!

Ever since at the very beginning of the competition, Imelda took our attention until the night she was crowned miss earth Philippines. Huge weight above her shoulder since she have to match the simple achievement of Jamie Herrel and Angelia Ong both were held as miss earth 2014 and 2015 respectively, a back to back for the country and the first for the pageant.4.jpg



Prior to the pageant, this native from Puerto Princesa with a German blood joined bb. Pilipinas 2013 and went home as miss Pagcor and one of the finalists but failed to win one of the crowns after using the world peace card.1

Later auditioned to MWP 2015 but after knowing that the pageant will be held in china she back out from the competition right before the official candidates was introduced to press. She even posted her dismay with concerns to soil and water conversation. A way that pushes her to join miss earth Philippines.1



Early life, she is already a showbiz face, a cover princess in some candy magazines. A music video sweetheart, a TV host and a teen actress. Hint: Did you know that Imelda is one of the leading ladies of by then Pambansang Bae Elden Rchards? Winning the face of Miss Silka Philippines justify a lot that this girl is indeed a beauty to watch out for.1.jpg



Controversial thing is when she broke up with her BF, prior to BB 2013. Some words of negativity from his BF spread and went viral to social media. I am a follower of her so I know. Afterwards, she was rumored as a third party for Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz’s break up but she clearly denies the allegations.1.jpg


She was also settled to sign up a management contract from star magic talents but later the abs-cbn rejected her talent after one big name, a person who curses her not to enter the showbiz serves as hindrance for her showbiz career. We won’t name who it is but give time to know that person after Imelda transferred to TV 5 and was one of the host of Willie Revillamie’s program. Characteristic issue was also thrown to this beauty as she was rumored to walk out from stage after announced as first runner up in a local pageant in Palawan.



Later known as Imee heart. This 23 year old beauty is set to compete in miss earth pageant this year. She have to fulfill the three-peat wins, that’s possible IF Miss earth wants it too. Imelda has a beautiful face and is very similar to Marelisa Gibson, Venezuela’s representative to miss universe 2010. Remember that year? Marelisa is well polished by Osmel Souza but even failed to advance in top 15 and pageant followers’ obviously knew the reason why. With a back to back victory of the Latin nation in 2008 and 2009.



Philippines also cemented a back to back in miss earth recently, 2014 and 2015. This year marks Imee to fulfill that promise. If  Imelda Schweighart will win this year which is too early to tell, she could marks many records. One is the first for the Philippines to have a three-peat, obviously a Guiness record for miss earth pageant. The first for an international pageant scene which is too impossible to achieve at this time. Additional international crowns for Binibini batch 2013 which already produces miss international, miss supranational and universe.

Miss earth already builds its legacy, cemented their credibility and has gained many international recognition, appreciations and respect as the island pageant that promotes earth conservation. A controversial statement from pageant fan around the globe already expressed their dismays when miss earth gave back to back crown for their home country, how more with three-peat? A huge typhoon of controversies, a tsunami of scandals and a flash floods of bashers feedback will definitely break the poor miss earth if ever happens. Political issues arise, credibility of pageant to consider and to save the name of Miss earth we could simply say that miss earth three-peat is too impossible to achieve as early as now and that Imelda Schweighart is the next Marelisa Gibson.4.jpg



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