Maria Mika Maxine Medina: Chances for a back to back!

Maxine by far is not a bet for a back to back victory for miss universe this year by most pageant fans, including you I should say. But what capacities she has to follow the little achievement of Pia Wurtzbach is the game plan and a huge sword of Aces and queens as of now. Not a common face being sent by BPCI internationally, Maxine have a lot of things in common with other previous miss universe Philippines titleholder.

First the similarity of her facial features with previous miss universe 1969, the timeless Gloria Diaz and with 1999 first runner Miriam Quiambao. The name itself has a lot to say. Does 4 M’s (maria mika maxine medina) represents the 4th mu crown for Philippines? You will find out this year. Same letters are also common for most binibinis. M is also a strong saga for miss universe 1973 Maria Margarita Moran. Miss universe 2011 3rd runner up has 2S for Shamcey Supsup. Ariela Arida has 2A as well. Does this means that Maxine’s fate this year is for a third runner up finish?1.png

Maria so far is a strongest name for bb. Pilipinas and even in miss universe at its fullest. Maria Gloria Diaz, Maria Margarita Moran and the most recent Maria Gabriela Isler. Maria Venus supposedly is also on their line. Others are sounds like “Maria-m Quiambao, Janine Maria Tugonon and Maria Jane Lastimosa. You can add if there is more.



Miss Philippine Airlines is her special award in Bb. coronation night. This title alone had biggest things to explain. Please don’t forget that Shamcey Supsup, Mj lastimosa and Pia wurtzbach won this award. Three of them are also a miss universe Philippines titleholder.


Her Q and A portion may not be as composed as with Nicole Manalo but what makes her stood out among others is her charm and fun when expressing it. She shows that despite of having a not so pageant patty answers she could win if words comes from her heart. That education along forced her to top. Remember that education card was used by Shamcey in 2011 and of Ariela in 2013. More possibilities of a third runner up finish this year.4.jpg

Her face, not a typical Filipina we’ve seen in M.U stage but that might be one of the characteristics for her to win the top plum this year. Body is good but not as good with MJ and Venus, but who knows she might rock the runway just like Ariella Arida. Aces and queens could still work for her communication skills or at the end of the day she could use an interpreter as a last option to save her.


Her possible placement? So far, we are not seeing her as a winner but in case she will make it in final 5, a 2nd runner up finish would satisfy. A top 10 placement is safer, a top 15 is hard to accept and if she will be clapping backstage a back to back pressures should explain.


What are your thoughts readers? Share it 🙂


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