Jennifer Hammond: Should win miss intercontinental this time. . . .

Miss intercontinental is one of the longest existing beauty pageant homed in Germany. Venezuela holds the highest number of titles with 4 crowns. With a consecutive placement of the Philippines, Jennifer Hammond should win the title this time. Let us review the previous placement of our reps and let’s conclude why Hammond should win the title this time.

2013 when Philippines finish a third runner up placement by Koreen Medina. She was awarded as miss photogenic and miss Asia and Oceania.1.jpg


The following year, Kris Tiffany Janson won miss photogenic, miss Asia and Oceania and ended up as 2nd runner up.


Last year, Christi Mcgarry almost won the pageant as first runner up.1.jpg


With a patterned placements, this year should be the best year for Philippines to win. And to gain again the trust of Filipinos to this pageant, they should crown a Filipina this time and we humbly believe that Jennifer deserves that cheers as of now.



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