Nicole Manalo for a possible back to back!

Maybe I’m taking sides but I just wanted to be honest. I am one of those many fans who is very disappointed with the result and how unfortunate Nicole Manalo is who was sent to miss globe for a back to back possibility. Listening to her well composed answer, I thought she will be named as universe or internationally since the strong Kylie Versoza is still their. Probably your thinking of the same scenario. But things are done and seat-belt are locked, there is nothing we can do right now but to support her.1.jpg


Taking the responsibility of a back to back victory is not an easy task. But if we all know, Kagandahang Flores, Nicole’s camp is up and ready with that challenge. Remember that they took responsibility of winning a back to back in miss earth by Angelia Ong and Jammie Herrel.2


They also cemented a Gomez to Gomez victory in miss Tourism International.2.jpg

As of now, I have a strong feeling that Nicole is one of the Filipina’s who will shine this year. She could possibly nailed a back to back for miss globe, another history for the pageant and might be the first for the Philippines! Your thoughts readers?1.jpg


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