Opinion: Miss Grand International Should Remove The Word “International” on their Brand.


We can’t deny the fact the Miss Grand International organization is aiming to be aligned alongside with the prestigious Miss Universe, Miss world and Miss Earth which all of the mentioned pageants are labeled by The Pageantpedia as the Gold pageants that represents hugeness, best and most relevant. Production wise and their capacity to bring the pageant outside the organization’s home country for just a very short period of time on it’s existence could be a sign that Miss Grand International will soon be one of the Gold Pageants circle.

Our intelligent, Indian pageant editor writes about things to consider should the Miss Grand International wants their home made pageant to be recognized internationally. First thing to consider is the brand. Let alone be reminded that Miss universe, Miss World and Miss Earth were internationally recognized simply because they are big. They don’t need to use the tag “INTERNATIONAL”  to be worth respected and acknowledged around the society of pageantry. That case alone is a disgrace to the Miss International pageant which was already cooked before your writer was born. That was on the year 1960.

We just can’t refuse with the quick observation that most of the beauty pageants that was born in the new millennium or even part of the 90’s which uses the “INTERNATIONAL” brand line was NOT highly anticipated. Asking for example, let me mention Miss Globe – International, Miss Tourism International, Miss Scuba International, Miss Humanity International, Miss Progress International and many more. Not sooner or later we might see Miss Grand International as one of the members of this Honorable mention or third class pageants.

I’m afraid to realize soon that despite of it’s huge production, host country is no question, advocacy is bulk as well, they may not be able to overpass all of this challenges just because of their brand. Well being said that every pageant organizers are ambitious enough to put their belt on the limelight but they should be mindful with their brand. Miss Universe was recognized internationally because of it’s brand. Universe means infinite, endless and unmeasured. World means humanity, wide and occupation. Earth means home, people and life. Should Miss Grand International change it to Miss Grand? Chances are possible. Take a note that Grand means huge, big or supreme. The MGI org. will surely thrilled to decide soon.

So on their 4 years of existence, Miss Grand International should change their name before it’s too late. From Miss Grand International to Miss Grand, agree or disagree? Let your voice be heard.

Miss Grand International 2016 – Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia.




5 thoughts on “Opinion: Miss Grand International Should Remove The Word “International” on their Brand.

  1. If this pageant is considering making changes to it’s name and brand, should also consider changing the age requirements for the contestants too, to 28 or 29. This way they can capitalize on those quality contestants that are unable to compete in the other Gold pageants that stop at 25 or 26.


  2. jUST STICK ON ORIGINAL NAME. MGI. it would be different if they change brand. THIS PAGEANT LACK OF PROMOTION OF ADVOCACY. the concept was a little bit copied to those old gran Slam PAGEANT.MU,MW,ME.MI. they should have a unique concept to rebranded there pageant.


  3. THEY DONT HAVE A ORIGINAL CONCEPT. seems it was copied in all aspect ofmgi which will establish as trade mark of there org. but the ADVOCACY: STOP THE WAR. it may sound SUCH LIES…….. THE JUDGING PANEl SEEMS ARE NOT CREDIBLE.


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