Pageant Franchise Fee: The Cost Will Surprise You!

One way of organizing a national beauty pageant is by acquiring international titles – belt in with your pocket in exchange of hope that it will open doors of sponsorship, endorsement deals, partnerships and many more ways of earning dollars. If you are planning to organize a pageant to a not so pageant thingy country please take time to think before jumping in to your own mud.

Some of our sources who quote us about the prices (exact or not) are very hesitant to give this very confidential information and they refuses their name to be mentioned on this write ups, so for them to be safe lets call them “Gossipists”, national director’s FC or anonymous sources.

Let’s start with Miss Universe, our partner closer to BPCI organization quoted that one of the beauty queen maker on this country traveled by far to work with Miss universe organization wishing to be granted with the national franchise dealing even a doubled amount. However MUO is gracious enough NOT TO LET GO the title from the prestigious national organization with respect to the current director, which for once has been part of the MU tradition way back on 50’s. No names please.2.jpg

We  asked our source how much would it cost for the pageant loving country to acquire the rights of MUP title which was desperately being courted by most of the business minded people in the country. Our source told us that BPCI org. is paying MUO annually closing the amount of $60,000. Surprisingly our source from other part of the Globe said that an Albanian organization managed to close deals for only $10, 000 during Donald Trump’s management while Thailand is paying $120, 000. So in this case, we conclude that prices varies per country or national director perhaps? One thing is for sure, it ranges from $10, 000 to $150, 000 annually.

Miss World on the other side sealed exact amount to the 5 national directors we spoke with. Fair and square for all national directors. A shining $10,000 is indeed affordable, making the pageant as the most attended annually with more than hundred applicants. Asked our source why just a short amount? Quoted “Miss world org. considers the budget of doing a national finals. They want it to be intentionally organized and not just to set a combo coronation alongside with other pageant. Well, Julia is Ego.”1.JPG


Miss Earth managed to compete in the market, however it is very hard to get the exact amount from the national directors. One said that part of their contract is not to disclose the exact amount to anyone including the candidates. Intelligently, we asked him the range of amount – JUST THE RANGE and delivered “$3,000 – $15, 000.1.JPG

Surprisingly Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International shared a very similar amount. $1, 000 per candidate or per national director. It really surprise our ears as despite of the huge production and prestigious staging is JUST equivalent to a very 1 month salary for annual subscription.1.JPG








Miss International pageant shocks as the most, the franchise fee is $0.00. YES! You read it right, NO FRANCHISE FEE for this well build pageant since 1960. Well, no need to argue with that, after all Japanese people ARE RICH! LITERALLY RICH!

Miss Intercontinental offers an ON and OFF subscription. Example you pay this year for $2,000 that is valid for 2 years. That means, the following year you don’t have to pay for an entry you just send a candidate with the 2-year contract on her bag. So, systematically you will be paying $1,000 a year for this old surviving pageant.

Miss United Continents deals with the $600 a year but is free for the non-competing country. For example in Thailand where national directors are competing for the rights, they start the beading from $600 upwards until one person wins. For the country who don’t have representative they offer it for free for the competing delegate. Such an intelligent way of promoting their newest established pageant from the center of the world.

Miss Globe offers a franchise fee depending on the benefits. For the non-pageant loving country, deal is $500 and they offer it for free for those pageant crowded country. Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are not paying any cents.

Now since you already knew the idea of the franchise cost, think what is the best and affordable title! Prices are thrilling and surprising wasn’t it? Let your voice be heard!


3 thoughts on “Pageant Franchise Fee: The Cost Will Surprise You!

  1. Well kinda dissapointed that MUO could not let go of their franchise from Stella Araneta coz Cory Quirino could have done better as a National Director remember Cory Quitino produces the most gorgeous Philippines representative annually to international pageants.

    $60k annual fee is really reasonable in fact affrodable considering mababawo mo naman investment mo depende sa sponsors.

    I’d like to get the franchise of both MU and MW pero dahil FREE ang Miss Int’l doon nalang ako! And who doesn’t like FREE!?

    Ladies and getlemen be ready for the best ever Miss International Philippines 2018!


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