Miss Universe Philippines Franchise: Courted By A Beauty Queen Maker?

Miss Universe Philippines is obviously the biggest title for the country, the reason why the prestigious BPCI is still existing until today. Without MUP, I doubt if pageant fans would prefer to pick either Miss World or Miss Earth. Some pageant fans scream that the Miss Universe Philippines pageant should be separated from Bb. Pilipinas lines of title as most of the other Filipina are just being wasted and was sent to some minor international pageants.

Example when Miss Globe – Nic0le Manalo and Miss International  Philippines Kylie Versoza were announced on their respective national titles, pageant fans and even the candidates are bit disappointed with the result. Simply because they are screaming for the universe. We can’t deny the fact the most binibini joined the BPCI pageant for the universe title. Done! Deal with it!

Our partner closer to BPCI organization quoted that one of the beauty queen maker on this country travelled by far to work with Miss universe organization, wishing to be granted with the national franchise even dealing with doubled amount. He was spotted for numerous times alongside with MUO officials, however MUO is gracious enough NOT TO LET GO the title from the prestigious national organization with respect to the current director, which for once has been part of the Miss Universe tradition way back on 50’s.

Rumors has it that even the current Miss Universe titleholder supported the beauty queen maker’s plan to separate the pageant from it’s current organization, after all it’s for the good she said. An intelligent pageant fan proclaimed that once the Miss Universe Philippines title will be separated, expect that national costumes and outfits of the Philippine representative is extraordinary. Thrilling to hear!

Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach and Aces and Queens Mentor Jonas Gaffud. Photo was taken in Miss Universe headquarter in NY.

So in case the current national director would retire in the near future, not sooner or later. Can we be sure that the succession of MUP prestige is in place? Well, only time can tell! Our Philippine based forumer opened his deep observation about this franchise rights concern. Could it won’t be unfair for the current national director who is not given enough credits for her organization’s achievements? And suddenly the MUP franchise will be taken away? Let your opinions be heard pageant lovers!


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