Big Four of France in Pageantry!


Despite of it’s fashion loving people, elegant personalities, classy gestures and articulate speakers, France seems to be parched in beauty pageants in today’s time.

After she was crowned Miss Universe last month, Iris Mittenaere expected tributes to flow from her home country.

Instead, she has been ignored by President Hollande and fallen foul of France’s distrust of money and success.

Miss Mittenaere, 24, from Lille, will receive about $20,000 a month during her year as Miss Universe, a sum that has provoked horror in a country that treats wealth with disdain.

Let’s forget that substandard issue and instead, let’s focus on how dominant France is at the early age of pageantry.

1953 is the first year to have a pageant twin victory when the prosperous FRANCE conquered both Miss World and Miss Universe on the same year. Christianne Martel was crowned Miss Universe 1953 while Denise Perrier won Miss World.



After two decades of rests, France brought back their flag once more in the world of pageantry when Miss International 1976 happens to be Sophie Perin. She is the last France beauty to be crowned in an international pageantry in the 19th century.



After 63 years of waiting to have their second miss universe crown, After 14 years of patience to bring back the universal crown in Europe, After ladies who ends name with “A” reigns for  years. It takes “ONLY” Iris Mittenaere to end their hunger. She was crowned Miss Universe 2016 in the Philippines.



So far France already have 2 Miss Universe crown, 1 Miss World and 1 Miss International. They are still waiting to catch the Miss Earth crown based in the Philippines, Miss Supranational in Poland, Miss Intercontinental in Germany, Miss Grand International in Thailand, Miss United Continents in Ecuador, Miss Global in Philippines and Miss Globe in Albania. Will this years’ be another success for the land of romance? 🙂






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