Does Miss Philippine Airlines influence the selection of Miss Universe Philippines?


Believe it or not, pageant sponsors are one of the reasons why most pageant national directors survived for many years on casting their national queens. Sponsors are backing national directors financially in exchange of promotions for their brand. Without the sponsor, I doubt if a pageant would last for many years.
Curiosity strike as a long time follower of Bb. Pilipinas pageant, I smell the influence played by the sponsors of BPCI on selecting our respective national titleholders. Say for example, the Miss Universe Philippines winner will automatically be awarded as Miss PLDT as well. That is just an example, since the award was given after the awarding of the Miss Universe Philippines title. Might as well that the PLDT are running after the followers of the big winner.


Philippine Airline is the most influential sponsor of Bb. Pilipinas as you may observe most of our Miss Universe took home that award. Let’s review these lucky binibinis who were given gratitude to take that award along with the prestigious title Miss Universe Philippines.





Miss Philippine Airlines 2010: Helen Nicolette Henson

2010 – Helen Nicolette Henson won Miss Philippine Airline in 2010 and placed second runner up during the pageant night. However, Henson was given the Miss Universe Philippines title months prior to the miss universe contest proper when the original winner was dethroned. Luckily, Venus Raj gained back the title and competed in miss universe who became first runner after a decade of clapping so hard.





Miss Philippine Airlines 2011: Shamcey Supsup

2011 – Shamcey Supsup in 2011 won Miss Philippine Airline award and won Miss Universe Philippines. She ended up winning Miss Universe third runner up in Sao Paolo, Brazil.





Miss Philippine Airlines 2012: Mary Jean Lastimosa

2012 – MJ Lastimosa was awarded Miss Philippine Airline in 2012, despite of being considered as the most prepared contestant she failed to get the Miss Universe Philippines title that year. However, MJ gained back her glory and won the most coveted title in 2014.



2013 – Kim Donessa failed to advance in the top 15 during the gold edition of Bb. Pilipinas pageant, this is despite her winning the Miss Philippine Airline that night. Making her the sole binibini to break the trend since 2010.



Miss Universe 2015 and Miss Philippine Airlines 2014: Pia Wurtzbach

2014 – When Pia Wurtzbach won a Miss Philippine Airline award in 2014, everyone thought she is the one. She failed to deliver that year but won the coveted title the following year. Later became Miss Universe 2015.





Miss International 2016 and Miss Philippine Airlines 2015: Kylie Versoza

2015 – In 2015 Kylie Versoza took home the Miss Philippine Airline award but failed to win the coveted title. The following year, she competed again and was sent to miss international pageant in Japan. She is not sixth Filipina to be victorious on the said pageant.





Miss Universe Philippines 2016 and Miss Philippine Airlines 2016: Maxine Medina

2016 – Maxine Medina was not even a hotpick favorite last year but she was chosen by the Philippine Airline management. Unexpectedly, Maxine managed to win the Miss Universe Philippines that night.


Per review, since 2010 there were 5 Miss Universe Philippines winners who were also awarded as Miss Philippine Airlines namely Nicollette, Shamcey, MJ, Pia and Maxine. Only one was sent to Miss International and one went unplaced. Noting to this event, does Philippine Airline management has lots of things to say on selecting a Philippine representative to miss universe?

Are they responsible for the dethronement of Venus Raj so their banner bearer Nicollette Henson could have been sent instead? Or they just have an eye of beauty for all Miss Universe Philippines winners? Who do you think will win the said award this year? Are they willing to give it to their very own flight attendant? Tell us pageant fans!



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