Featuring: The Bb. Pilipinas Hakot Award!


In Bb. Pilipinas history, winning several special awards doesn’t give a candidate a definite sense of security to get a title at stake during the coronation night. However, to be a contestant who gets at least one award will boost the candidate’s confidence to stand out on stage. Another advantage is that you will capture’s judges’ attentions to root for you in the entire competition. For some pageant fans, winning a special award would really mean something, how more if a candidate is taking multiple sashes? Indeed you will be an apple of the eye and everyone will watch for whatever scandals you would do on stage.

Let’s review the Bb. Pilipinas hakot award winners in the past 7 years and get to know how these awards boost the chances of the following binibini:



Pia Wurtzbach might be a binibini who grabbed lots of special awards on her three attempts. First won as Miss San Mig Zero Fit and Sexy in 2013, sashed as Miss Jag and Miss Philippine Airline in 2014 and finally won Miss PLDT and Miss Creamsilk in 2015. Pia took a total of 5 corporate awards!





MJ Lastimosa came second to Pia, for her three trials towards clinching a Bb. Pilipinas crown. She was chosen as Miss Avon and Miss Philippine Airlines in 2012. Then came 2014 where she was awarded Miss PLDT and best in swimsuit. MJ got a total of 4 minor awards, 3 of which are corporate and 1 is special.



Kylie Versoza who won Miss International 2016 also bagged 4 special awards! First took the Miss Philippine Airlines in 2015. She was also awarded as Miss Photogenic, Miss Jag and Miss Manila Bulletin 2016.




Shamcey Supsup might only have 1 chance to compete in Bb. Pilipinas once but that doesn’t mean that she couldn’t take home multiple minor awards. Please note she won 3 special awards in a row! She was awarded Miss Creamsilk, Miss Philippine Airlines and Best in Talent in 2011.







Venus Raj also won 3 special awards in 2010. Chosen as Miss Friendship, the Bb. Pilipinas version of Miss Congeniality. She was also awarded with Best in Gown and Best in national costume. In total, Venus got 2 special and 1 social awards!







Helen Nicollette Henson who was considered the strongest binibini in 2011 also grabbed 3 minor awards. She won 2 corporate awards namely Miss Fit n’ Right and Miss Philippine Airlines. She also took home a Miss Photogenic award. Despite of getting 3 minors awards, she failed to take home one of the major titles at stake. She ended up a runner up to Venus Raj.





Teresita “Wynwyn” Marquez who competed in 2015 won Best in National Costume, Miss Jag and Best in Talent. Unfortunately, she failed to top one of the crowns on that year’s edition won by Pia Wurtzbach.





Other binibini who won at least 2 special awards were Nicole Schmitz who won Best in National Costume and Best in Swimsuit in 2012. Mutya Johanna Datul won Best in Long gown and Best in swimsuit in 2013, same way it goes with Johanna Cindy Miranda who was given two sashes as Miss Petron and Miss Creamsilk.





In 2014, Yvette Marie Santiago who won Bb. Pilipinas Supranational was awarded as Miss Avon and Miss Creamsilk. Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental 2014 Kris Tiffany Janson also won two special awards like Miss Photogenic and Best in National Costume.





Caneille Faith Santos who won Miss Photogenic and Miss Manila Bulletin 2015 failed to penetrate in the semi-finals. Janicel Lubina who won Bb. Pilipinas International on the same year was sashed with Best in Swimsuit and Best in Long Gown, the first binibini to win the said award after Janina San Miguel. Vina Openiano won Best in talent and Miss Friendship awards last year.



With this year’s strong batch of binibini, who do you think is the next Bb. Pilipinas hakot awardee?


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