Featuring: The Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic!


The Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic award is for a binibini who’s charm, smile and face nailed the Bb. Pilipinas lenses. In the past editions of Bb. Pilipinas pageant, winning this special award doesn’t represent a short cut on winning any of the titles at stake. However, this award gives a contestant an additional exposure and indeed an advantage for a hopeful binibini to captures judges’ attention that she is still there, competing and could take one of the titles anytime soon. Per BPCI’s more than 5 decades of existence, the Miss Photogenic awardee could be chosen through text or online votes, BPCI elite group of media photographer or the BPCI people exclusively. Let’s review the “face of binibini” awardee in the past 7 years and be the judge either this award is beneficial to a binibini towards winning a BB. Pilipinas title.



2010 – Helen Nicollette Henson won Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic 2010. Despite of having Krista Kleiner on the competition that was said and believed to be the most beautiful contestant that year, Helen took the photogenic award away from Krista. At the conclusion of the event, Helen failed to get one of the titles and ended up winning second runner up. Helen was supposed to replace Venus Raj in miss universe that year if the major major latter didn’t fight for her rights to gain back the title.




2011 – Angelia Ong won face of binibini in 2011 but failed to penetrate in the semi-finals. Later crowned miss earth 2015, giving back to back won for the country and first for the pageant’s history.




2012 – Karen Gallman sets the bar really high. Being the first contestant to come out on stage and the last one to answer the Q and A portion is a no pressure to her. She won Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic that year and was one of the finalists. She failed to win one of the titles after she (distructed) when asked what is her definition of defeat and victory. This is not the first time that Karen won a Miss Photogenic award, perhaps every single pageant she had joined.






2013 – Mutya Johanna Datul won Miss Photogenic on Bb. Pilipinas gold edition. Later crowned Miss Supranational Philippines and came to be the first Asian winner on Miss Supranational pageant. More than just a beautiful face, Mutya also embodies an attitude of a natural Filipina. She won Miss Personality on Miss Supranational.




2014 – Kris Tifanny Janson was indeed the perfect choice for Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic that year, as she also took home the said award on Miss Intercontinental pageant. After representing the Philippines in international pageant, Kris became a face and commercial model of some beauty products in the country including her latest appearance on a TV commercial for Myra E.





2015 – Canielle Faith Santos won Bb. Pilipinas Photogenic in 2015 but failed to advance in the semi-finals, making her the only Binibini since 2010 to break the trend.








2016 – Kylie Versoza on her second attempt for Bb. Pilipinas, won Miss Photogenic award last year. She was crowned Bb. Pilipinas International that night and was later sent to the said international pageant making her the sixth Filipina to win Miss International crown and title.



In review, two Miss Photogenic awardees won on their respective international pageants. Mutya Johanna Datul as Miss Supranational 2013 and Kylie Versoza for Miss International 2016. Kris Tiffany Janson won Miss Asia and Oceania on Miss Intercontinental 2014. Nicollette Henson and Karen Gallman never get the chance to compete internationally.




With this year’s batch of binibini, there are lots of beautiful faces that are worthy for Miss Photogenic title. Who do you think will win the award come April 30? Let the guessing game begin!


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