Analyzing Back To Back Wins Of The Philippines In Pageantry!

To win a pageant for consecutive years is somewhat impossible! A big shoes to fill for a successor is indeed should not be underestimated! A consecutive victory in the international pageant scene is somewhat rare but The Philippines has done it thrice!


In 1982 Carmen Ines Zaragoza became the very first Filipina to win the Miss Asia crown, her Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia successor, Gloria “Bong” Dimayacyac, topped the 1983 Miss Asia title and scored the Philippines’ first back to back victory.




The late Rizzini Alexis Gomez won the 2013 Miss Tourism International title and the following year she crowned Angelie Dionne Gomez.




This year, another back to back victory for the Philippines at Miss Earth Pageant held in Vienna, Austria. Jamie Herrell crowned Angelia Ong. This is the very first back to back victory at the fifteen year old pageant.



Consecutive victories happened at the Miss World pageant thrice. Sweden (1951 & 1952), UK (1964 & 1965) and India (1999 & 2000). Venezuela is the only country that has consecutive wins at Miss Universe (2008 & 2009). Critics are bashing Miss Earth pageant for giving a back to back wins to the Philippines as early as this! But it’s the judges decisions right? Accept it! Philippines is the only Venezuela of Asia!





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